Donate Materials

Many survivors and people in the community have Holocaust-related artefacts, even the smallest of which can tell an important story. The VHEC's collections are the result of generous donations from survivors, families and community members. Those wishing to donate items to the archives, museum or library are encouraged to call 604-264-0499 or email to schedule an appointment.

For more information about donating materials and what to expect during an appointment see our Information for Donors and FAQ package


Please contact us to schedule an appointment before bringing unsolicited artefacts or archival materials to the VHEC. During your appointment, staff will assess whether the item supports the VHEC's mandate. Unfortunately, not all material offered to the VHEC can be accepted. If this is the case, staff will be pleased to provide a list of organizations that may be more suitable. Any information or records related to the material may be useful during this meeting and may help to understand its provenance.

Donors are asked to sign a formal Deed of Gift, at which time the terms of the donation and preferences for acknowledgement may be specified. All restrictions placed on donated materials by donors are carefully respected. Once a donation has been transferred to the care of the VHEC, families of donors and survivors are always welcome to view the item by appointment.

The signing of a Deed of Gift constitutes the legal transfer of ownership to the VHEC. An item cannot be returned once it has been formally accessioned. By donating, you are warranting that you are the legal owner of the item and have the right to pass ownership to the VHEC. Please consult with family members before donating.

While staff makes every effort to include a diversity of items in exhibitions, they cannot guarantee if and when materials will be exhibited. As a courtesy to donors, the VHEC endeavors to contact families when the materials they donated is on display.

The VHEC is unable to appraise donations; however, potential donors are welcome to contact a third-party appraiser for tax purposes. We encourage all donors seeking an appraisal and tax receipt to consult the Canada Revenue Agency website regarding gifts and income tax.

Processing, describing, properly housing and preserving archival records and artefacts involves significant staff time, space and specialized resources. Donors who wish to support collections work at the VHEC can donate directly to the collections through Canada Helps.

Current funding opportunities include:
  • development funds for the content management system;
  • acid-free folders and boxes to safely store new donations;
  • additional staffing hours required for cataloguing, research and digitization of existing holdings.


Potential library donors are encouraged to give through the library Wish List, which highlights pre-selected items designed to support exhibition development, educational programming and to fill gaps in the collection.

Those wishing to donate materials purchased elsewhere or from a personal collection are encouraged to contact the librarian by phoning 604-264-0499 or emailing The librarian will review potential acquisitions for duplication and to ensure that the material supports the VHEC mandate.

Donors who wish to support library acquisitions and staff time required for processing and properly housing library materials can donate through Canada Helps.

The librarian can appraise gifts in kind library donations valued at less than $1,000 and issue tax receipts for the fair market value of these gifts. The VHEC is unable to appraise gifts in kind library donations valued at or above $1,000; however, donors are welcome to contact a third-party appraiser for tax purposes. We encourage all donors seeking an appraisal and tax receipt to consult the Canada Revenue Agency website regarding gifts and income tax. The VHEC issues tax receipts for all monetary donations.

Donations to the library are recognized on bookplates and on catalogue records. In honour and in memoriam recognitions may be noted in both places.


The VHEC produces video testimonies of survivors and witnesses of the Holocaust wishing to tell their stories. Individuals with first-hand experience of the Holocaust who are interested in contributing their recollections are encouraged to contact the VHEC by phoning 604-264-0499 or emailing

A pre-interview meeting will be set up so that the interviewer and interviewee may get to know one another and allow the interviewer to formulate questions for the interview. Interviewees are asked to a sign a video release form before recording commences.

Potential donors looking to contribute pre-recorded testimonies may contact the archivist by phoning 604-264-0499 or emailing with details about the testimony contents, creator and audio-visual format.