Use & Licensing

Users wishing to publish or license content from the VHEC Archives, Museum and Holocaust Testimony Collections must inquire with staff regarding intellectual rights (e.g. copyright). Users must cite the VHEC as a source with an appropriate credit line and, if a particular material is copyrighted, must cite all copyright information and comply with all other applicable terms or restrictions. Permission to examine physical records, born-digital materials, printed copies or digitized items is not an authorization to publish. If the content in question is under copyright, permission to publish should be sought from the owners of the rights, typically the creator or heir to the creator's estate.

Contact VHEC collections staff for copyright inquiries by phoning 604-264-0499 by emailing

A major initiative is underway to make the VHEC's Collections accessible to students, educators, researchers, survivors and the broader public. We are continually adding records and digitized items to the catalogue. Researchers are encouraged contact VHEC Collections staff to inquire about our full holdings and to access non-digitized materials described in our catalogue.

For more information about each collection and guidance with crediting material, please see: