Research Guides

Research guides are an introduction to a particular topic, theme or collection. They include primary and secondary sources from the archives, library, museum and Holocaust testimony collections as well as recommended resources from other organizations. They are not an exhaustive list of the VHEC's collections holdings. Further independent research is recommended and encouraged. 

"Enemy Aliens" Research Guide

When the Second World War began, Canada's discriminatory immigration policies denied people seeking refuge, particularly Jews, entry into Canada. In 1940, when Canada agreed to Britain's request to aid the war effort by taking in "enemy aliens" and prisoners of war, officials did not expect approximately 2,300 civilian refugees from Nazism, most of them Jews. Of those deemed "enemy aliens" were German and Austrian citizens—Jewish and non-Jewish—between the ages of 16 and 60 who had found asylum in Britain only to be arrested under the suspicion of espionage. After a brief period of internment in England, they were deported to Canada and imprisoned in New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec alongside political refugees and, in some camps, German prisoners of war.

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