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[2018], [©2018]

Ehrlich, David

Afraid of the dark : the memoir of Alex Buckman

March 29, 2017, [©2017]

Buckman, Alex

Anne Frank : the diary of a young girl classroom book set

Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre; Frank, Anne

Are we there yet? : a journey of survival

[2017], [©2017]

Elster, Mark

Before, during and after

[2018], [©2018]

Akselrod, Rita

Grass without roots : moving water

[2017], [©2017]

Jakoubovitch, Jannushka Elisheva

Hana's suitcase classroom book set

Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre; Levine, Karen

The hidden childhood

[2017], [©2017]

Vanry, Serge

I have my mother's eyes : a Holocaust memoir across generations


Bluman, Barbara R.; Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre

Judgement on Nuremberg : a student mock trial of Julius Streicher : teacher's guide


Miller, Frieda; Neaman, Evelyn; Schachter, Raymond D.; Wexler, Mark N.

Kicking at the darkness


Upton, Colin

A life full of surprises

[2017], [©2017]

Suedfeld, Peter

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