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All about Anne

[2018], ©2018

Metselaar, Menno; Ledden, Piet van; Scarry, Huck

Anne Frank : the biography

2013, ©2013

Müller, Melissa

Bialystok to Birkenau : the Holocaust journey of Michel Mielnicki

[2000], ©2000

Mielnicki, Michel; Munro, John A.

Prisoner B-3087

2013, ©2013

Gratz, Alan

The road to Auschwitz : fragments of a life

1996, ©1990

Fried, Hedi; Meyer, Michael Leverson

Stolen youth : five women's survival in the Holocaust

[2005], ©2005

Lipski, Jane; Choko, Isabelle; Irwin, Frances; Kahana-Aufleger, Lotti; Kalina, Margit Raab

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