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Among men and beasts

[1978], ©1978

Trepman, Paul

Au nom de tous les miens

[1971], ©1971

Gray, Martin; Gallo, Max

Bernard G. testimony 1989 [video recording]

Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre

Chess set

circa 1942

Child of the Warsaw ghetto

[1995], ©1995

Adler, David A.; Ritz, Karen

Cigarette case

Unknown, possibly 1940s

The cigarette sellers of Three Crosses Square

[1977], ©1975

Ziemian, Joseph

The darkest years

[1994], ©1994

Caitung, Severin; Caitung, Marge

Dem Gloraykhn ondenḳ fun Poylishn Yidnṭum


Centre de documentation juive contemporaine; Mémorial de la Shoah

The disappearance of Goldie Rapaport

1994, ©1994

Schwarzmann, Gina; Kent, Evelyn Julia

Dzieci i młodzież getta = Children and youth of the ghetto


Susid, Włodzimierz; Jagielski, Jan

Ed G. testimony 2009 [video recording]

Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre

Erich von dem Bach


Bartoszewski, Władysław

Escape from the pit

1947, ©1947

Kulkielko, Renya

Escaping the Holocaust : a true story

[2013], ©2013

Padowicz, Julian

[Fajga, Alexander and Chumcia Dimant]

[1928 or 1929]

Dimant family

Fanka G. testimony 1983 [video recording]

Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre

Flowers on the wall


Nerlove, Miriam

For those I loved

[1972], ©1972

Gray, Martin; Gallo, Max

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