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[2018], [©2018]

Ehrlich, David

Alan and Naomi

1987, ©1977

Levoy, Myron

[Alfred Meyer’s gravesite]

[after 1918]

Meyer family

Au nom de tous les miens

[1971], ©1971

Gray, Martin; Gallo, Max

A bag of marbles

2000, ©2000

Joffo, Joseph

A bag of marbles

2013, ©2013

Kris; Bailly, Vincent

Betrayal at the Vel d'Hiv

1969, ©1969

Lévy, Claude; Tillard, Paul

Bialystok to Birkenau : the Holocaust journey of Michel Mielnicki

[2000], ©2000

Mielnicki, Michel; Munro, John A.

Bits and pieces

[2007], ©2007

Reinhartz, Henia

Black radishes

2011, ©2010

Meyer, Susan

But you did not come back

2016, ©2016

Loridan, Marceline; Perrignon, Judith

Charlotte Salomon : life? or theatre?


Salomon, Charlotte

A childhood adrift

[2017], ©2017

Goldman, René

The collapse of the Third Republic : an inquiry into the fall of France in 1940

[1969], ©1969

Shirer, William L. (William Lawrence)

The confessions of Klaus Barbie, the Butcher of Lyon


Wilson, Robert; Barbie, Klaus

Confiscation of Jewish property in Europe, 1933–1945 : new sources and perspectives : symposium...


Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies

Dangerous measures

[2018], ©2018

Schwarzberg, Joseph

The death train

[1978], ©1978

Bernadac, Christian

Dem Gloraykhn ondenḳ fun Poylishn Yidnṭum


Centre de documentation juive contemporaine; Mémorial de la Shoah

A drastic turn of destiny

[2009], ©2009

Mann, Fred

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