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Anne Frank House : a museum with a story
Anne Frank Haus [English]


Boonstra, Janrense; Rijnders, Marie-José; Anne Frank Stichting

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Anne Frank in the world, 1929–1945 = El mundo de Ana Frank
El mundo de Ana Frank

1993 (English), 1992 (Spanish)

Hondius, Dienke; Kniesmeijer, Joke; Wal, Bauco van der

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Multilingual Collection

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Antisemitism, a history portrayed


Boonstra, Janrense; Jansen, Hans; Kriesmeyer, Joke; Anne Frank Stichting

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The short life of Anne Frank
La brève vie d'Anne Frank;La corta vida de Ana Frank


Netten, Gerrit; Sluis, Wouter van der; Rooijen, Vincent van

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