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After the smoke cleared

1994, ©1994

Kuper, Jack

After the war

[1996], ©1996

Matas, Carol

Against the tide

2008, ©2008

Trank, Richard; Hier, Marvin; Holdridge, Lee

Alan and Naomi

1987, ©1977

Levoy, Myron

Albert Speer : the end of a myth


Schmidt, Matthias

Album of my life

[2009], ©2009

Szedlecki, Ann

Alicia : my story

1990, ©1988

Appleman-Jurman, Alicia

All about Anne

[2018], ©2018

Metselaar, Menno; Ledden, Piet van; Scarry, Huck

All but my life


Klein, Gerda Weissmann

Alone in the storm

[2015], ©2015

Vertes, Leslie

The altruistic personality : rescuers of Jews in Nazi Europe

1992, ©1988

Oliner, Samuel P.; Oliner, Pearl M.

Among men and beasts

[1978], ©1978

Trepman, Paul

The anatomy of Nazism

[1961], ©1961

Raab, Earl

Anatomy of the Auschwitz death camp


United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Anatomy of the SS state


Krausnick, Helmut; Broszat, Martin; Institut für Zeitgeschichte (Munich, Germany)

Anderson's prisoners


Hughes, H. D. (Herbert Delauney)

And every single one was someone

[2013], ©2013/5773

Chernofsky, Phil

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