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[Photograph of grave markers]

[before 1952]

Baltuch, Schmucker family

[Photograph of Leo and Julia Schmucker walking in street]

[before 1952]

Baltuch, Schmucker family

[Photograph of Rosa Baltuch with unidentified man and woman]

[before 1970]

Baltuch, Schmucker family

[Document containing list by Rosa Baltuch]

[before 1994]

Baltuch, Schmucker family

Night classroom book set

Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre; Wiesel, Elie

Hana's suitcase classroom book set

Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre; Levine, Karen

The old brown suitcase classroom book set

Boraks-Nemetz, Lillian; Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre

Outside the attic walls discovery kit

Miller, Frieda; Rome, Susan; Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre


Leather pouch

Unknown, likely 20th century

[Photograph of Hodel and two sons before war]

[before 1939]

Kaplan, Shak family

In memoriam : homage to the Jewish victims of the Nazis in Greece [draft translation notes]

[Date of publication not identified]

Molho, Michael; Nehama, Joseph

[Golda & her friends]


Feldman, Regina

Concentration camp Dachau


Rost, Nico

Maramureşul Românesc: studiu de geografie


Baltuch, Schmucker family

[Photograph of Abrasha Kaplan, age 13]


Kaplan, Shak family

[Photograph of Abrasha's cousins]


Kaplan, Shak family

Nazi Party membership pin


Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei

"Zabludow Bimah" print

Kaplan, Nathan

[Photograph of Elzi, Lipot, Olga and Frank Orban]

[between 1935 and 1944]

Orban, Frank

[Photograph of Frank Orban]


Orban, Frank

[Portrait of Harriet Orban]


Orban, Frank

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