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Women's kommandos

[1978], ©1978

Bernadac, Christian

Whispers from the camps

2009, ©2009

Kacer, Kathy; McKay, Sharon E.

When Hitler stole pink rabbit

1998, ©1971

Kerr, Judith

What to do with Germany


Nizer, Louis

West German reparations to Israel

[1971], ©1971

Balabkins, Nicholas

The weight of freedom

[2015], ©2015

Leipciger, Nathan

The war against the Jews, 1933–1945

1986, ©1986

Dawidowicz, Lucy S.

Voyage of the damned

1974, ©1974

Thomas, Gordon; Morgan Witts, Max

Voluntary hostages of the S.S.

[1979], ©1979

Arsenijević, Drago

The victory of Father Karl

[1957], ©1957

Pies, Otto

Vera S. testimony 1981 [video recording]

Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre

Uniforms, organization, and history of the Waffen-SS. Vol. 4


Bender, Roger James; Taylor, Hugh Page

To look a Nazi in the eye : a teen's account of a war criminal trial

[2017], ©2017

Kacer, Kathy; Lebowitz, Jordana

Tibor B. testimony 1984 [video recording]

Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre

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