Holocaust Documentation Project [2]

Also known as: Holocaust Documentation Project [UBC/Suedfeld]
Administrative HistoryIn 1995, the Holocaust Documentation Project was revived through funding obtained by the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre and the Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry at UBC. This revived project was led by co-directors Dr. Peter Suedfeld and Dr. Robert Krell. The purpose of this project was to record eyewitness testimonies of the Holocaust through guided autobiographical interviews of Holocaust survivors, primarily for educational and archival purposes. These testimonies were also used to study how people lived prior to the Holocaust, how they survived during the Holocaust, and how these experiences affected their life afterwards with a particular focus on their relationships and outlook. Personnel involved in the project were: Dr. Charlene Fell: Project Coordinator (1995), Erin Soriano: Project Coordinator (1996, 1998), Interviewer, Fraidie Martz: Interviewer, Robyn Weibe: Interviewer, Jean Gerber: Interviewer.