Bader, Alfred (28 April 1924 - 23 December 2018)

BiographyAlfred Bader was born in Vienna on April 28, 1924. Bader was adopted by his aunt, who raised him in the Jewish faith.  He attended a secular high school until age fourteen, when he was forced to leave school following Nazi Germany's annexation of Austria.
Bader’s aunt sent him to England on the first Kindertransport in December 1938 and he was taken in by a Jewish family. He was arrested while at Hebrew school and interned in Brighton race course on May 12, 1940, two weeks after his sixteenth birthday. Bader was then interned in Huyton and on the Isle of Man before being shipped to Canada on the S.S. Sobieski. In Canada, he was interned in Camp I (Île-aux-Noix, Quebec) for fifteen months.
He was released on November 2, 1941 and sponsored by the Wolff family. Bader was studying chemistry at Queen's University when he found out his aunt had perished in Theresienstadt. After Queen’s, he attended Harvard on a chemistry fellowship. In 1951, Bader co-founded Aldrich, now Sigma-Aldrich, a leading supplier of research chemicals; he helped develop the company for forty years. In addition to his success with Aldrich, Bader is noted for his philanthropy and for his career as an art collector and dealer. He has also published an autobiography entitled Adventures of a Chemist Collector.