Feldman, David

BiographyDavid Feldman was born in Siedlce, Poland on April 2, 1926. His father, Abraham Zvi, came to Poland from Russia, and married Gitl (née Glitman); he owned a yard goods store and later worked in glass cutting. The couple had three children: David, the youngest, Chava and Samuel. His brother, sister and mother were all killed by German soldiers in the Holocaust; his father died from illness suffered after being arrested and put to work in a labour camp. During the war, David lived in an orphanage and went to school; he worked in a train station in Kotlice, then received permission to move south, where he lived on a farm outside Krasnodar. In 1944, he returned to Poland to live on a kibbutz in Opole. Upon hearing about the Kielce pogrom, he decided not to return to his home in Siedlce, and instead snuck across the border and ended up on a kibbutz in Bergen-Belsen, where he attended dental school. David registered as a labourer with a refugee organization and was selected to come to Canada under the Tailor Project. Upon arriving in Vancouver, he took odd jobs before finding work as a denturist. In 1956, Feldman took over the denture business where he worked.