Freiman, Leonore (1920 – 2004)

Also known as: Ehrlich, Leonore
BiographyLeonore Freiman (née Ehrlich) was born November 28, 1920 in Vienna, Austria, to parents Helene (b. 1899 Poland, d. 1996, Vancouver) and Josef Ehrlich (b. 1883, Poland, d. 1950, Chicago). She was a student at the Michelbeuern fashion school in Vienna from 1936 to 1938. After the Anschluss, Lenore was dismissed from her practicum. In March 1939, Leonore escaped the Nazi regime as a chaperone for the Jewish children on the first Kindertransport out of Vienna. She landed in England and found work as a nanny, then immigrated to the US in 1940 and joined her parents. In Chicago she worked as a sorter, then as assistant designer, in a clothing factory.

In 1944, she married Milton Freiman. In 1948, they emigrated to Canada and settled in Vancouver. They had two children, Judith and Debby. Leonore Freiman obtained a bachelor’s degree from Simon Fraser University in 1968. Leonore contributed to the 1999 VHEC exhibition, Broken Threads and provided an oral history to exhibition curators. She died in 2004.
NotesSource of information: oral history and notes provided by the family. See donor file for more information.


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