Grunberger, Paul (1912–2000)

BiographyPaul Grunberger was born in Czechoslovakia in 1912; he had one sister, Elizabeth (Else) and two half-sisters. He served with the Czech division of the British army during the Second World War. The bulk of his family did not survive the Holocaust; one half-sister survived and they met in Vienna after the end of the war.

Paul Grunberger married Regina (Gina) Spierer in 1940; they had two daughters, Evelyn and Jane. The family immigrated to Canada from England in 1952, living first in Montreal and then Vancouver. In Vancouver, Paul was active in the Jewish community and became close friends with Lucie and Eugen Grabowski, a brother and sister who had fled Nazi Germany to Lima, Peru, prior to moving to Vancouver.
NotesSources of information:
Jewish Western Bulletin, June 9, 2000, page 10