Koch, Eric (31 August 1919—28 April 2018)

BirthplaceFrankfurt am Main
BiographyEric Koch was born to an assimilated Jewish family in Frankfurt, Germany, on August 31, 1919. In 1935, Koch’s mother sent him to England. He was studying law at the University of Cambridge when he was arrested and interned in Bury St. Edmunds, Huyton, and on the Isle of Man. He was shipped to Canada on the S.S. Ettrick and interned in Camp L (Quebec City, Quebec) and Camp N (Sherbrooke, Quebec). After a year and a half of internment, Koch was sponsored by Colonel Gerald Birks, of Henry Birks and Sons, and released in late November 1941.
Koch then obtained his LL.B. from the University of Toronto. In 1944, Koch began his career with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as one of the founding members of the International Service; he spent thirty-five years as a radio and television producer for the CBC.
Koch is the author of thirteen books of fiction and five books of non-fiction, including Deemed Suspect: A Wartime Blunder, the first book published specifically about the internment of refugees in Canada during the Second World War. He lived in Toronto.