Krell, Robert

BirthplaceHague, The
BiographyDr. Robert Krell was born in Holland and survived the Holocaust in hiding. The Krell family moved to Vancouver, Canada where he obtained an MD from the University of British Columbia and eventually became professor of psychiatry. In his psychiatric practice, Dr. Krell was director of child and family psychiatry and also treated Holocaust survivors and their families as well as Dutch survivors of Japanese concentration camps. He established a Holocaust education program for high school students in 1976, and an audio-visual documentation program recording survivor testimony in 1978 and assisted with the formation of child survivor groups starting in 1982. Dr. Krell served on the International Advisory Council of the Hidden Child Gathering in New York in 1991. He has authored and co-edited ten books, twenty book chapters and over fifty journal articles. Dr. Krell continues to write and speak on Holocaust related topics. —University of British Columbia, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry Profile



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