Lion, Edgar (1920-)

Also known as: Lion, Eddie
BiographyEdgar Lion was born in Vienna, Austria in 1920. His father was a highly decorated First World War veteran, and Lion attended the top boys’ school in Vienna. Although he did not have a religious upbringing, he was barred from attending school after the Anschuluss because he was Jewish. His parents sent him to Edinburgh, Scotland to study in June 1938.
At the University of Edinburgh Lion studied engineering. His parents were later able to leave Austria on permits to work as domestics, though they did no domestic work in Britain. On May 12, 1940, Lion was taken into custody for what he was told was “routine questioning,” so he brought only his toothbrush and his pajamas in the event that he had to stay overnight at the station. He was interned for approximately a month in Huyton and on the Isle of Man.
Lion was deported to Canada on S.S. Sobieski on July 4, 1940. He was interned in Camp T (Trois-Rivières, Quebec), Camp B (Ripples, New Brunswick), and Camp N (Sherbrooke, Quebec). He was eventually sponsored by distant relatives in Montreal, and released from internment in November 1941.
Lion obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from McGill University in 1945. He worked in many construction-related fields, in addition to lecturing at McGill University and publishing three books. He married and had a daughter and twin sons, and is an avid square, round, and tap dancer. He lives in Montreal.