Kraus family

Administrative HistoryKraus was the family name of Gerda Gottfried’s husband Hans, who brought to their 1947 marriage much of his family’s documentary history. He was the only child of Edmund and Irma Kraus (nee Mosauer). They were wealthy Ashkenazi Jews and were very integrated into Austrian society. Edmund, a highly educated man, served with distinction in the First World War as a doctor – he was commended by the Red Cross for his services – before returning to set up a successful dental practice. He died in the early 1930s before Hitler’s rise to power. His widow and son fled to Shanghai in 1938 or 1939, losing all their belongings and wealth in the journey; Hans met Gerda Gottfried there in 1945 and they married in 1947. Irma and Hans both emigrated to Vancouver in the late 1940s.