• Still image from Miriam E. Holocaust testimony, July 18, 1984.
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Miriam E. testimony 1984

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDME8407_02_VA
AVT #54
Date of Recording18 July 1984

InterviewerForrai, Ernest
IntervieweeEisner, Miriam
Duration1h 25m 59.0s
SynopsisMiriam E. was born in Sevluš, Czechoslovakia [now Vynohradiv, Ukraine] on October 20, 1929. She describes her family and recalls her religious upbringing. Her family moved to Khust. She describes the Jewish community. She recalls her early education. She describes changes after the Hungarian occupation. She recalls no longer being allowed to attend school. She describes ghettoization. She describes German occupation and deportation of her family. She describes the train journey and terrible conditions. She describes arriving at Auschwitz and the selection process. She recalls how she and her mother were separated from her father and brothers. She describes the conditions of the barracks and food rations. She describes an incident of having all their clothes taken. She describes being transferred to Bremen for slave labour in a munitions factory. She describes constant hunger and sharing food with her mother. She describes being evacuated from Bremen on trains that were then bombed. She describes emerging from the train and finding that the German guards had left. She describes hiding in the forest with other survivors before British troops found them. She describes hospitalization and living in Heidenheim DP camp. She discusses how she and her mother began searching for family members. She describes marrying another survivor in Heidenheim in 1946. She describes going to Paris where her father’s relatives had survived. She describes moving to Israel for one year then immigrating to Canada. She discusses the religious traditions of her family and her faith. She describes her sons. She explains that she seldom discusses her experiences. 
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NoteTestimony was simultaneously recorded on video and audio cassette.
Other Holding InstitutionsFortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies (repository)
Funding NoteCataloguing and digitization of this testimony was supported by funding from the Government of Canada.