• Still image from Sam H. Holocaust testimony, October 16, 1985.

Sam H. testimony 1985 [video recording]

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDSH8510_01_VA
Date of Recording16 October 1985

InterviewerKrell, Robert
IntervieweeHeller, Samuel
Duration1h 29m 31.0s
SynopsisSam H. was born in Warsaw in 1908. He describes his family. He describes the Jewish community and the assimilated intelligentsia. He discusses World War I and German occupation in Poland. He discusses how his father’s large lumber business recuperated after the war but suffered during the economic depression in the 1930’s. He discusses his awareness of imminent war and increased antisemitism in Europe. He discusses the British perspective during this time. Sam attended the University of Cambridge and was granted permanent residency in England. His family business had an office in Warsaw while Sam lived in London. He discusses antisemitism and the Catholic Church in Poland. He describes learning of Kristallnacht and pogroms while in England. He explains how his mother was residing in Paris. He explains how he helped his brother (who had fled from Warsaw to Budapest) obtain a permit to travel to England. He describes his mother’s experience living in Paris and then Nice during the war. Sam recalls his decision to come to Canada in 1940. He discusses the immigration process and travel to Canada via ship. He discusses increased restrictions against enemy aliens and Jewish immigrants in England and Canada. He describes experiences of antisemitism in Canada. Sam discusses his efforts reclaiming property. He discusses sharing his experience with his children. He discusses Zionism.  
Funding NoteCataloguing and digitization of this testimony was supported by funding from the Government of Canada.