Still image from Marie W. Holocaust testimony, November 1, 1990
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Marie W. testimony 1990 [video recording]

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDMW9011_01_VA
Date of Recording01 November 1990

InterviewerForrai, Ernest
IntervieweeWydra, Marie
Duration1h 36m 58.0s
SynopsisMarie W. was born in 1914. She recalls growing up in Zalozhtsi, Poland (presently Ukraine). She discusses the strained relations between Poles and Ukrainians. She describes the Soviet occupation. She describes her marriage in 1940. She recalls the German invasion and a mass killing of Jewish men, including her sister's boyfriend. She describes the experience of hiding during round-ups. She recalls becoming pregnant and the loss of the baby. She describes going into hiding with the help of a Ukrainian man and non-Jewish woman. Marie recalls learning her sister and parents had been killed. She describes having to hide in the forests and building a bunker where she lived with her husband and three other men. She recalls liberation by Soviet troops during the spring. She describes living in Lʹviv for about a year after the war then moving to Kraków. He describes her daughter's birth and emigration to Canada in 1949. Marie discusses having nightmares and the sharing her experience because of the painful memories.
Other Holding InstitutionsFortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies (repository)
Funding NoteCataloguing and digitization of this testimony was supported by funding from the Government of Canada.