• Still image from Else D. testimony, June 1, 1983
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Else D. testimony 1983

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDED8306_01_VA
AVT #10
Date of Recording01 June 1983

InterviewerDavis, Fay
IntervieweeDunner, Else
Duration1h 51m 17.0s
SynopsisElse D. was born in Bilitz, Silesia [Bielsko Biala, Poland]. She speaks about her life in Bilitz before the war. She married in 1939 and moved to Kraków, Poland. She recalls the German invasion and escape to Lublin. After the Russian-German armistice, they returned home. She describes ghettoization and her experience there. She describes round-ups and executions. She recalls when deportation began and her transfer to Płaszow where Amon Göth was commandant. She describes being placed on Oskar Schindler’s list with her cousin’s help. She recalls transfer to Auschwitz then to Brunnlitz with other women. Else recalls how she learned about her husband's death at Auschwitz. She discusses the fear of illness and feelings of isolation. Else describes Russian liberation and her experience at the end of the war. She recalls returning home and the difficulty reclaiming property. She recounts a story of retrieving family photographs hidden by a family friend. Else describes moving to Canada, meeting her second husband (who is also a Holocaust survivor), and having children. She shows photographs and artefacts.
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