Still image from Margaret F. testimony, January 25, 1984
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Margaret F. testimony 1984

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDMF8401_04_VA
AVT #35
Date of Recording25 January 1984

IntervieweeFraeme, Margaret
Duration1h 34m 42.0s
SynopsisMargaret F. was born in Csengerújfalu, Hungary on February 5, 1927. She describes her family. She describes the Jewish community. She discusses her family’s Hungarian identity. She recalls increased antisemitic regulations. She recalls her father and older brother being taken to a forced labour camp. She describes how her grandmother’s store was forced to close. She recalls ghettoization. She describes deportation by train to Auschwitz. She describes the selection process and becoming separated from her family (all of whom perished). She describes the conditions in the camp and difficulty adjusting. She describes witnessing a baby’s birth in the barracks. She describes transfer to Stutthof and being assigned to work on a farm with three friends. She describes returning to Stutthof and forced labour digging ditches. She explains that the guards at this time were not SS and that they received extra food from them. She talks about a forced march and being locked in a barn guarded by the SS for weeks. She describes the conditions in the barn and starvation. She recalls liberation by Russian troops. She describes hospitalization, having her toes amputated, and suffering from typhus. She recalls receiving assistance from the Red Cross. She describes returning to her hometown and reuniting with her older brother. She describes moving to a kibbutz and then suffering from tuberculosis. She recalls receiving assistance from the Joint Distribution Committee. She describes going to live with an uncle in France. She describes immigrating to Canada to live with relatives. She discusses her relatives’ reaction and lack of interest about her experience. She describes how she met her husband, who is also a survivor. She discusses adopting her daughter. Margaret discusses sharing her experiences with her daughter. 
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