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Lore Marie Wiener oral history 1999

Holocaust Testimony

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Date of Recording20 July 1999

Duration1h 31m 0.0s
SynopsisLore Maria Wiener recalls her childhood in Germany and her relationship with her parents. She discusses Jewish identity and culture. She recalls the onset of war and her family's plans to leave. She discusses being an apprentice, taking her exams and the dangers of remaining in Germany. She discusses moving to Shanghai and meeting her husband, who had also fled Vienna for Shanghai with his brother. She recalls going to Hongkew and living in a ghetto. She discusses her marriage, her father, and their jobs, permits and passports. She recalls starting her own business making custom clothes after the end of the war. She discusses leaving Shanghai and coming to Canada. She recalls starting a business in Vancouver and raising a child. She discusses the growth of the business and the fashion industry. She discusses her daughter. They look at and talk about photographs and documents. They talk about history and family.
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NoteInterview conducted as part of the research for the exhibition Shanghai: A Refuge During the Holocaust.
Other Holding InstitutionsJewish Museum and Archives of BC (repository)
Funding NoteCataloguing and digitization of this testimony was supported by funding from the Government of Canada.