Fred M. testimony 2008

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDFM0812_03_VD
Date of Recording19 December 2008

InterviewerMorton, Tom
Duration1h 19m 5.0s
SynopsisFred M. was born in Budapest, Hungary on March 27, 1920. He was raised and ordained in the Reform Church. He describes working in a chemical factory, which allowed him to travel around Budapest. He recalls pro-Nazi coworkers and antisemitism. He describes his participation in the Good Shepard organization providing assistance to Jews and placing them in hiding. He describes baptizing Jews so that they could remain in Hungary. Fred describes how the Good Shepherd organized safe houses. He recalls being constantly suspicious of the government and receiving the Vrba Report in 1944, which described Auschwitz. Fred recalls Soviet liberation and events immediately after the war. He describes helping refugees after the war, meeting his wife, and losing his Hungarian citizenship. He speaks about moving to Canada and receiving recognition as a rescuer. 
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NoteInterviewee shows photographs to the interviewer out of frame from 1:10:11 to 1:17:12
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