• Rose B. Holocaust testimony interviewed by Meredith Coval, August 17, 1983.

Rose B. testimony 1983 [video recording]

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDRB8308_02_VA
Date of Recording17 August 1983

InterviewerCoval, Meredith
Duration1h 23m 53.0s
SynopsisRose B. was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1914. She describes her family. She recalls attending a Jewish school. She describes changes after Admiral Miklós Horthy became Prime Minister. She recalls quotas imposed on schools and increased antisemitic restrictions. She describes how male friends and neighbours were taken for forced labour. Rose explains that her mother died of Spanish influenza. She describes how she claimed to be a Russian refugee and had false identity papers made. She describes how she found a room to rent. She explains that her siblings in the ghetto at this time. Rose explains how she had been married for one month at this time and that her husband was taken to a labour camp. She describes their correspondence. She describes going to the embassy to receive a schutzpass for herself and her husband. She describes hiding in a cellar until Russian liberation. She describes the harsh winter conditions. She recalls learning that her husband had perished. She describes reuniting with her siblings. She describes traveling into the countryside to trade for food. She recalls receiving assistance from Jewish organization in Europe and America. She describes being smuggled out of Hungary into Italy. She describes staying in a DP camp in Salzburg. She describes crossing the border into Italy and working as a translator. She recalls the scarcity of food among the refugees. Rose describes how her sister helped her to immigrate to Cuba. Rose describes living in Havana for a year then being smuggled to America via Miami. She describes going to New York and living with relatives and friends. She discusses the experiences of her siblings during the war. Rose shows photographs and documents. 
Funding NoteCataloguing and digitization of this testimony was supported by funding from the Government of Canada.