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George D. was one of the first Holocaust survivors interviewed at the University of British Columbia by Dr. Robert Krell, a faculty member of the Department of Psychiatry and a child survivor of the Holocaust.

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George D. testimony 1979

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDGD7912_01_VA
Date of Recording04 December 1979

InterviewerKrell, Robert
IntervieweeDiamant, George
Duration1h 35m 0.0s
SynopsisGeorge D. was born in Moravia in 1930. He recalls the German invasion and his family moving into a shared apartment. He recalls his father’s decision to keep the family together. He describes his family’s deportation to Theresienstadt camp. He recalls being separated from his mother. He describes attending school lessons in secret. He describes the conditions of the camp and how it was cut off from outside information. George describes his family’s transfer to Auschwitz. He describes living in another model camp and learning that it would be liquidated. He describes his selection for transport and seeing his family for the last time. He describes the conditions of the camp. He describes meeting other prisoners, including POWs. George describes evacuating Auschwitz and a death march to Buchenwald. He recalls hospitalization and transfer to Weimar, Germany. He describes liberation by United States troops. He discusses Holocaust denial and reparations. He describes sharing his experience with his children and others. He discusses his career in psychology. 
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Funding NoteCataloguing and digitization of this testimony was supported by funding from the Government of Canada.