• Izak F. testimony 2009
    Izak F. Holocaust testimony interviewed by Kit Krieger, June 25, 2009.
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Izak F. testimony 2009

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDIF0906_02_VD
Date of Recording25 June 2009

InterviewerKrieger, Kit
IntervieweeFolk, Izak
Duration3h 17m 21.0s
SynopsisIzak F. was born in Tyszowce, Poland on May 15, 1915. He describes his family. He describes the Jewish community. He recalls being drafted into the Polish army in 1937. He describes being released from military service and shortly after being recalled due to the German invasion. He describes reuniting with his family who had fled into Russia. He describes transport to Siberia by train. He describes the living and working conditions. He describes moving with his family to Kyrgyzstan and being recalled to military service. Izak describes traveling to Moscow and waiting to be sent to the front lines. He describes arriving outside of Łódź and learning about what was happening to Jews. Izak recalls leaving the army near the end of the war and meeting his future wife. He describes moving to Germany with his family after the war. Izak discusses his experience coming to Canada. He discusses sharing his story. 
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