Bella K. Holocaust testimony interviewed by Sandy Hayden, May 29, 1984.

Bella K. testimony 1984 [video recording]

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDBK8405_03_VA
Date of Recording29 May 1984

InterviewerHayden, Sandra
IntervieweeKopit, Bella
Duration1h 43m 15.0s
SynopsisBella K. was born in Chotin, Bessarabia [now in Ukraine], which at the time was under Romanian control. She describes her family. She describes her education and the Jewish community. She recalls the German invasion and her family home being set on fire. She describes a forced march into Ukraine and witnessing her father and younger brother die from starvation. She recalls living in a ghetto and receiving assistance from a non-Jewish family. Bella describes going to live with this family. She describes the time a group of German officers stayed at the house where she was hiding and her escape. She describes reuniting with her mother and sister and returning to their village after liberation. Bella recalls moving near Bucharest where she went to an orphanage. She describes receiving assistance from a relative to be put on a transport to Israel with her mother and sister. She describes meeting her husband, marriage, and family. Bella discusses immigrating to Canada. She discusses raising her children and the difficulty sharing her experience with them. 
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Time-coded summary

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