Abandoned rail siding

Museum Work

Resource TypeStill Images
Date of Creation1941
GenreArts & Culture
Object ID2012.008.001
CreatorRobert Langstadt
Place of CreationSherbrooke, Quebec
Place of Creation NoteInternment camp 42, also known as Camp N
DescriptionWatercolour depicting abandoned rail siding and train car
Materials/Techniqueswatercolour on paper
Inscriptions[Signature] / 41
Method of ConstructionRobert Langstadt used paints donated by the YMCA and a brush made from his own hair
ProvenanceGifted to the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre in 2012 by Gerry Waldston
Classificationwatercolors (paintings)
Legal Statuspermanent collection
Note“This painting seems to be an interpretation of our internment in Canada, cut off from everyone without a future, on a road leading to nowhere. The tilted telegraph poles underline the impossibility of communication, while the unkempt landscape offers little hope and no comfort. This unforgettable episode in my life, whenever I pass his painting on my wall, reminds me of my incarceration without cause, the mindless loss of time, the theft of my teens.” − Gerry Waldston, donor
Location in CollectionGerry Waldston