• Still image from Erika H. Holocaust testimony, October 7, 1993.
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Erika H. testimony 1993

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDEH9310_01_VA
AVT #109
Date of Recording07 October 1993

InterviewerKrell, Robert
IntervieweeHecht, Erika
Duration2h 32.0s
SynopsisErika H. was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1934. She describes her family and their heritage. Erika recalls her mother’s decision to convert to Christianity. She discusses her family’s religious traditions. She describes attending a Catholic school and still being forced to wear a yellow star. She recalls a violent antisemitic incident. She describes anti-Jewish regulations and moving into a yellow star house. Erika discusses her parents’ divorce and how her father’s remarriage to a non-Jewish woman made it possible for him to arrange for Erika, her mother, and half-sister to go into hiding.  She describes living in the countryside with false papers. She describes reuniting with her stepfather. She recalls living in a zone of intense fighting between Russian and German troops and having to constantly move and hide. She describes how her family received assistance from a German soldier. She recalls liberation and returning to Budapest. She describes the difficulty returning to a normal life and returning to school. She discusses how her family left Hungary for Austria. Erika describes attending school in London and then medical school in Vienna. She describes her marriage and immigration to Canada. She discusses her religious faith and traditions. She discusses her identity as a survivor. 
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RightsThe University of British Columbia | Holocaust Documentation Project | Principal Investigator: Robert Krell, M.D. | Consent to Record and Retain Records (fn: Under the auspices of the Standing Committee on the Holocaust and Canadian Jewish Congress - Pacific Region) on file.
NoteTestimony simultaneously recorded on video and audio cassette.
Funding NoteCataloguing and digitization of this testimony was supported by funding from the Government of Canada.