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Germany, Hitler, and World War II

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Germany, Hitler, and World War II
Call No: 943.086 W42g

Call Number943.086 W42g
Dates1996; ©1996
Statement of ResponsibilityGerhard Weinberg.
Creators & ContributorsWeinberg, Gerhard L. (author)
Hitler, Adolf (subject)
Summary"This collection of essays, previously widely scattered and some never before published in English, illuminates the nature of the Nazi system and its impact on Germany and the world. Emphasis is placed on illuminating key topics which have been badly misunderstood or misrepresented in the past, including the true impact of the Treaty of Versailles of 1919, the connections between the European and Pacific theaters of war, and Germany's relations with England, the United States, and the Soviet Union." —Back cover
ContentsPart I. Background
  1. The defeat of Germany in 1918 and the European balance of power
  2. National Socialist organization and foreign policy aims in 1927
  3. The world through Hitler's eyes
Part II. The Nazi system
  1. The Nazi revolution: A war against human rights
  2. Propaganda for peace and preparation for war
Part III. Background for war
  1. Hitler and England, 1933–1945: Pretense and reality
  2. German foreign policy and Austria
  3. Germany, Munich, and appeasement
  4. A proposed compromise over Danzig in 1939?
  5. The German generals and the outbreak of war, 1938–1939
  6. Hitler's decision for war
Part IV. World War II
  1. German diplomacy toward the Soviet Union
  2. The Nazi-Soviet pacts of 1939: A half century later
  3. From confrontation to cooperation: Germany and the United States, 1917–1949
  4. Pearl Harbor: The German perspective
  5. Global conflict: The interaction between the European and Pacific theaters of war in World War II
  6. The "Final Solution" and the war in 1943
  7. July 20, 1944: The German resistance to Hitler
  8. D-Day after fifty years: Assessments of costs and benefits
  9. German plans for victory, 1944–1945
  10. Reflections on running a war: Hitler, Churchill, Stalin, Roosevelt, Tojo
  11. Some thoughts on World War II
  12. A new Germany in a new world
Appendix: The end of Ranke's history? Reflections on the fate of history in the twentieth century
Physical Description vi, 347 pages ; 23 cm
Carrier Typevolume
PublisherNew York : Cambridge University Press
EditionPaperback edition
  • Slightly revised collection of conference lectures, periodical articles, etc. —Title page verso
  • Includes bibliographical references and index
RecognitionGifted in 2016 by the Isaac Waldman Jewish Public Library