Resistance bracelet

Museum Work

Resource TypeObjects
Date of Creation1940
GenreClothing, Jewellery & Textiles
Object ID1996.035.002
CreatorMade by individuals active in the Dutch resistance
Place of CreationThe Hague
Description27 Dutch ten-cent coins linked to form a chain. Claps on either end. Coins date from 1936 to 1941.
Measurements2 x 19 cm
ProvenanceGifted to the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre by Emmy Krell.
Classificationbracelets (jewelry)
Legal Statuspermanent collection
Credit LineCourtesy of Emmy Krell
Note"The Nazis brought in zinc money and took from the Dutch their copper, silver and gold coins. They didn't specify bracelets, so we went by the word and made bracelets. Later on they wanted everything, all the jewellery. Because we were newly married, we took our dimes (the rich people took quarters) to a store where we knew the resistance people would make a bracelet. After that, the Jewish people had to give up their telephones and radios." —Emmy Krell, donor