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    The first annual Holocaust Symposium was held in 1976 in the Oakridge Centre Auditorium and is now held annually at the University of British Columbia. It has become a model for Holocaust Symposia throughout British Columbia and beyond. The VHEC's symposia programs have had tremendous impact on hundreds of thousands of students. Here, survivor Mariette Doduck reflects on the significance of speaking at symposia. 

    Learn more about the history of Holocaust documentation projects in Vancouver here.
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Mariette D. testimony 2010

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDMD1011_01_VD
Date of Recording19 November 2010

InterviewerFreiman, Debby
IntervieweeDoduck, Mariette
Duration1h 51m 0.0s
SynopsisMariette D. was born in Brussels, Belgium on May 10, 1935. She describes her family and religious upbringing. She recalls learning her mother had registered the family as Jewish. She recounts the experience of her family walking to Paris but that people were evacuating so they returned home. She recalls antisemitic incidents. She recounts advice her brother gave her before going into hiding. She describes hiding in a convent, being reported to Gestapo by a nun, and hiding in the sewer during the search. She recalls being moved around and delivering messages as her other siblings were part of the French Resistance. She describes her experience having scurvy. Mariette describes living in an orphanage. She describes witnessing sexual assault and violence. She recounts the last time seeing her mother. She describes being rounded up two days before the end of the war and saved from a train transport by Gestapo officer. She recalls reuniting with her siblings and discusses their relationships. She describes applying to the Canadian Jewish Congress as a war orphan to immigrate to Canada. She describes her foster family and her education. She discusses her identity as a result of her experience. She discusses sharing her experience and involvement with students.
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