Genocide, war crimes and the West : history and complicity
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Genocide, war crimes and the West : history and complicity

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Genocide, war crimes and the West : history and complicity
Call No: 304.663 J76g 2004

Call Number304.663 J76g 2004
Dates2004; ©2004
Statement of Responsibilityedited by Adam Jones.
Creators & ContributorsJones, Adam (editor)
Stoett, Peter J. (Peter John) (contributor)
Gewald, Jan-Bart (contributor)
Churchill, Ward (contributor)
Langenbacher, Eric (contributor)
Branche, Raphaëlle (contributor)
Scott, Peter Dale (contributor)
Willson, S. Brian (contributor)
Sartre, Jean-Paul (contributor)
Aguilar, Mario I. (contributor)
Islam, Suhail (contributor)
Hassan, Syed (contributor)
Jacobs, Steven L. (contributor)
Turner, Thomas (contributor)
Diriye Abdullahi, Mohamed (contributor)
Melvern, Linda (contributor)
Halliday, Denis (contributor)
Clark, Ramsey (contributor)
MacDonald, David Bruce (contributor)
Prontzos, Peter G. (contributor)
Verdeja, Ernesto (contributor)
Klinghoffer, Arthur Jay (contributor)
Nesbitt, Francis Njubi (contributor)
Jones, Adam (contributor)
Breytenbach, Breyten (contributor)
World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia, and Related Intolerance (2001 : Durban, South Africa) (contributor)
Summary"Genocide and war crimes are increasingly the focus of scholarly and activist attention. Much controversy exists over how, precisely, these grim phenomena should be defined and conceptualized. Genocide, War Crimes and the West tackles this controversy, and clarifies our understanding of an important but under-researched dimension: the involvement of the US and other liberal democracies in actions that are conventionally depicted as the exclusive province of totalitarian and authoritarian regimes... In the opening and closing sections of the book, analytical issues are considered, including questions of responsibility for genocide and war crimes, and institutional responses at both the domestic and international levels. The central section is devoted to an unprecedentedly broad range of original case studies of western involvement, or alleged involvement, in war crimes and genocide." —Publisher
ContentsPart I. Overview
  1. Introduction: History and Complicity / Adam Jones
  2. Shades of Complicity: Towards a Typology of Transnational Crimes against Humanity / Peter Stoett
Part II. Genocide, War Crimes and the West
  1. Imperial Germany and the Herero of Southern Africa: Genocide and the Quest for Recompense / Jan-Bart Gewald
  2. Genocide by Any Other Name: North American Indian Residential Schools in Context / Ward Churchill
  3. The Allies in World War II: The Anglo-American Bombardment of German Cities / Eric Langenbacher
  4. Torture and Other Violations of the Law by the French Army during the Algerian War / Raphaëlle Branche
  5. Atrocity and Its Discontents: US Double-mindedness about Massacre, from the Plains Wars to Indonesia / Peter Dale Scott
  6. Bob Kerrey's Atrocity, the Crime of Vietnam and the Historic Pattern of US Imperialism / S. Brian Willson
  • Document 1. Inaugural Statement to the Russell Vietnam War Crimes Tribunal / Jean-Paul Sartre
  1. Charles Horman versus Henry Kissinger: US Intervention in 1970s Chile and the Case for Prosecutions / Mario I. Aguilar
  2. The Wretched of the Nations: The West's Role in Human Rights Violations in the Bangladesh War of Independence / Suhail Islam and Syed Hassan
  3. Indicting Henry Kissinger: The Response of Raphael Lemkin / Steven L. Jacobs
  4. Crimes of the West in Democratic Congo: Reflections on Belgian Acceptance of 'Moral Responsibility' for the Death of Lumumba / Thomas Turner
  5. In the Name of the Cold War: How the West Aided and Abetted the Barre Dictatorship of Somalia / Mohamed Diriye Abdullahi
  6. The Security Council: Behind the Scenes in the Rwanda Genocide / Linda R. Melvern
  7. US Policy and Iraq: A Case of Genocide? / Denis J. Halliday
  • Document 2. Criminal Complaint against the United States and Others for Crimes against the People of Iraq
  • Document 3. Letter to the Security Council / Ramsey Clark
  1. The Fire in 1999? The United States, NATO and the Bombing of Yugoslavia / David Bruce MacDonald
  2. Collateral Damage: The Human Cost of Structural Violence / Peter G. Prontzos
Part III. Truth and Restitution
  1. Institutional Responses to Genocide and Mass Atrocity / Ernesto Verdeja
  2. International Citizens' Tribunals on Human Rights / Arthur Jay Klinghoffer
  3. Coming to Terms with the Past: The Case for a Truth and Reparations Commission on Slavery, Segregation and Colonialism / Francis Njubi Nesbitt
  • Document 4. Declarations on the Transatlantic Slave Trade / World Conference Against Racism
Part IV. Closing Observations
  1. Afghanistan and Beyond / Adam Jones
  2. Letter to America / Breyten Breytenbach
Physical Description 424 pages ; 24 cm
Carrier Typevolume
PublisherLondon : Zed Books
DistributorNew York : Palgrave Macmillan
NotesIncludes bibliographical references and index
RecognitionGifted in 2008 by Adam Jones