Interrogations : the Nazi elite in Allied hands, 1945
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Interrogations : the Nazi elite in Allied hands, 1945

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Interrogations : the Nazi elite in Allied hands, 1945
Call No: 341.69 O96i

Call Number341.69 O96i
Dates2001; ©2001
Statement of ResponsibilityRichard Overy.
Summary"While the trial of Hitler's fallen elite at Nuremberg has been thoroughly documented, the interval between the Nazis' capture in May and June 1945 and the start of the actual trial in late November has until now remained shrouded in shadow. With Interrogations, acclaimed historian Richard Overy opens a new window into the Third Reich, providing an intimate glimpse of the savage dictatorship in its death throes. More than thirty transcripts of the interrogations are reproduced here for the first time, allowing us to hear the voices of the newly captured 'Hitler gang'—Including Göring, Speer, and Hess—as they squirmed under the Allies' glare." —Publisher
ContentsPart I. Interrogations: an introduction
  • Outlaw country
  • The criminals
  • The charges
  • Asking the questions
  • The absentees: Hitler, Himmler, Bormann
  • Selective amnesia: the case of Hess
  • The helpful Speer
  • The unrepentant Goering
  • The limits of responsibility: strategies of denial
  • Confessing to genocide
  • "I hope they hang all": final retribution
Part 2. Interrogations: the transcripts
  • Note on the transcripts
  • Perspectives on the Fuehrer
    1. "The driving force" / Albert Speer
    2. Hitler's women / Karl Brandt
    3. The new feudalism / Hans Lammers
    4. Hitler the warlord / Alfred Jodl
  • "The world's worst criminal": Goering in the Third Reich
    1. A souvenir from Monte Cassino / Hermann Goering
    2. The commander-in-chief / Hermann Goering
    3. a. Conquest by telephone / Hermann Goering
    1. b. Vote "No" if you dare / Albert Goering
  • Waging war
    1. Ribbentrop, Hitler and war / Joachim von Ribbentrop
    2. Hitler's "chess game of power politics" / Albert Speer
    3. OKW at war / Wilhelm Keitel
  • Genocide
    1. The Fuehrer order / Dieter Wisliceny
    2. A morbid accounting / Dieter Wisliceny
    3. "Incredible things at Auschwitz" / Ernst von Gottstein and Eugen Horak
    4. A doctor at Dachau / Franz Blaha
    5. Auschwitz-Birkenau / Rudolf Hoess
    6. Demarcation dispute / Otto Moll and Rudolf Hoess
  • The Hess case
    1. "I have lost my memory" / Rudolf Hess and Hermann Goering
    2. The young ladies / Rudolf Hess, Ingeborg Speer and Hildegarde Fath
    3. "The science of psychiatry is sound" / Rudolf Hess
  • The von Papen case: resistance and compliance
    1. "A way out of the mess": von Papen and Hitler in 1933 / Franz von Papen
    2. "This problem of responsibility" / Franz von Papen
  • Albert Speer: true confessions?
    1. Speer the expert / Albert Speer
    2. Sixty acts of treason / Albert Speer
    3. Speer the assassin / Dietrich Stahl
    4. Special pleading / Albert Speer
    5. "Not a concern of mine" / Albert Speer
  • Robert Ley: profile of a suicide
    1. The testament of Robert Ley / Robert Ley
    2. Ley's dialogue with the dead / Robert Ley
    3. Confessions of an anti-semite / Robert Ley
  • Obeying orders: complicity and denial
    1. "Not so dangerous a person" / Wilhelm Frick
    2. "Talking in a dream" / Joachim von Ribbentrop
    3. "Very undesirable activities" / Heinz Guderian
  • Germany's future
    1. Rebuilding the Reich / Robert Ley
    2. Schacht's new Germany / Hjalmar Schacht
Physical Description xxii, 650 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Carrier Typevolume
PublisherNew York : Viking
NotesIncludes bibliographical references (pages [622]–631) and index
RecognitionGifted in 2009 by Claus Jahnke