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Regina F. testimony 1990

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDRF9010_02_VA
AVT #95
Date of Recording18 October 1990

IntervieweeFeldman, Regina
Duration2h 2m 30.0s
SynopsisRegina F. was born in Będzin, Poland on December 6, 1931. She describes her family, the Jewish community, and her school. She discusses becoming aware of changes, antisemitism, and increased anti-Jewish regulations. She recalls ghettoization and the poor conditions in the ghetto. Regina recalls her mother’s pregnancy. She describes hiding with a family after learning the ghetto would be liquidated and the arrest of her father. She describes being found and being included in a group selected for execution but surviving by running to the next group, in an attempt to return to her father and brother. She describes deportation to Klettendorf camp. She recalls the experience of forced labour, camp routine, and starvation. She describes her transfer to Ludwigsdorf and the harsh conditions working in a munitions factory. Regina describes receiving continued assistance from a female German guard, who would provide extra food and help the children. She recalls liberation by Soviet troops. She describes living in Feldafing DP camp and searching for family. She reunited with a cousin and traveled to Fulda, Germany. She describes her liberation identity card. She describes joining the United Nations Relief & Rehabilitation Administration adoption program and moving to Aglasterhausen with other orphans. She describes moving to Canada and her experience with her foster family. She discusses marriage to another survivor and having children. She describes returning to Russia and Poland. She shows photographs and documents. 
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NoteTestimony simultaneously recorded on audio and video cassette.
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