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Open hearts—closed doors : teacher's guide

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Open hearts—closed doors : teacher's guide
Call No: EDUC VHEC Teacher's Guides

Call NumberEDUC VHEC Teacher's Guides
Sub-CollectionEducation Materials
Statement of ResponsibilityFrieda Miller.
Creators & ContributorsMiller, Frieda (author)
Sharpe, Graham (editor)
Sharpe, Graham (designer)
Fromowitz, Dan (researcher)
Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre (contributor)
Summary"The teacher's guide provides teachers and students with historical background materials in the form of summaries, timelines, glossaries, bibliographies and videographies as well as suggestions for classroom activities. The unique feature of this guide is its artifact driven approach. Teachers will find the kinds of hands-on documentary evidence needed to support student learning about the aftermath of war and Canadian immigration policies, in the form of: photos, orphan identification cards, correspondence from Canadian politicians concerning the immigration of Jews and other ethnic groups, steam ship tickets, a Chinese head tax, and a Japanese internment card." Page 1
  • Introduction
  • About the teacher's guide
  • Liberation and loss
  • Orphaned and stateless
    • Kloster Indersdorf Orphanage
    • Peterswald Children's Home
    • Displaced Persons camps
  • Closed doors
    • Diary excerpt, Mackenzie King, Prime Minister
    • Letter excerpt, F.C. Blair, Immigration Director
    • Petition, Societé St. Jean Baptiste
  • Where can we go?
    • Letter excerpt, UNRRA
    • Memo, Saul Hayes, CJC
    • Order in Council #1647
  • Ethnically selective immigration
    • Komagata Maru
    • Chinese Head Tax and Exclusion Act
    • Internment of Japanese Canadians
  • Becoming Canadian
    • Orphan identification tag
    • Great expectations
    • Pamphlet for recruiting homes for orphans
    • Newspaper clipping
  • Refuge in Canada today
    • Refugees
    • Vietnam
    • The Former Yugoslavia
    • Rwanda
    • Canada's Point System
    • "Immigration, as it should be"
  • Immigration timeline
  • Glossary
  • Resources
Physical Description 61 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm
Carrier Typevolume
PublisherVancouver : Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre
  • Teacher's guide related to the exhibition Open HeartsClosed Doors. The exhibition was produced by the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre
  • Editing, layout and design, Graham Sharpe
  • Open heartsclosed doors : the War Orphans Project : teacher's guide addendum 2016 (by the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre) is available at: https://collections.vhec.org/Detail/objects/3438
URLhttp://vhec.org/images/pdfs/openhearts_guide.pdf, Access the freely available full text from the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre
Location in CollectionEducational Materials