• Carved stone vase
    Photographed by Katie Powell July 2019

Carved stone vase

Museum Work

Resource TypeObjects
Date of Creation1947–1949
GenreArts & Culture
Object ID1996.040.002
Previous NUmber96.040.025h
CreatorBoris Shak
Place of CreationCyprus
DescriptionCarved stone vase painted bronze. Hebrew text around base and geometric motif around neck. Carved scene of the sun, mountains and a snake in a tree on one side. Three different flowers in planter pot on the other side. Two handles that have been repaired prior to painting. 
Materials/Techniquescarved stone (likely limestone), painted
Measurements20.3 x 13.5 x 3.5 cm
ProvenanceGifted to the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre by Boris Shak
Legal Statuspermanent collection
Note"The jug and plate and the frames and candle holder: this art has been made by Boris Shak from year 1947–1949 being as a prisoner of Zion in Cyprus." —note from the donor attached at the time of donation.