Eric K. testimony 2011
Still image from Eric K. Holocaust testimony, March 21, 2011.
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Eric K. testimony 2011

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDEK1103_03_VD
Date of Recording21 March 2011

InterviewerRosenbluth, Vera
IntervieweeKoch, Eric
Duration2h 29m 0.0s
SynopsisEric K. was born in Frankfurt, Germany in August 1919. He describes his family. He describes attending school and changes in the school after 1933. He recounts his family’s experiences of Kristallnacht.  He recalls attending school in England from 1935-1937 and Cambridge University from 1937-1939. He describes volunteering for the British Army. He describes his deportation for internment in Canada. He recalls staying first in Bury Saint Edmunds, then transfer to Huyton, and transfer to the Isle of Man before traveling to Canada. He describes travel by ship that included other internees and POWs as passengers. Eric recounts arrival in Quebec City and transfer to Sherbrooke. He describes the conditions of the camp and the uniform. He describes sending correspondence to family.  He recalls his education in the camp and forming friendships. He speaks about homosexuality in the internment camps. He discusses the British response to enemy aliens and the role of the Canadian Army. He discusses the decision to not return to England. Eric speaks about antisemitism and anti-German attitudes in Canada. He discusses changing his name after internment. Eric recounts his decision to write a book about the internment camps. He shows documents and artefacts.
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