Anne Frank : the diary of a young girl classroom book set

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Call NumberClassroom Book Sets
Sub-CollectionEducation Materials
Creators & ContributorsFrank, Anne (author)
Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre (creator)
Boraks-Nemetz, Lillian (subject)
Stein Sorensen, Louise (subject)
Sigal, Ruth Kron (subject)
Frank, Anne (subject)
Buckman, Alex (subject)
Lieberman, Celina (subject)
Doduck, Mariette (subject)
Cassirer, Marion (subject)
Krell, Robert (subject)
Vanry, Serge (subject)
SummaryAnne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl has become a classic since its initial publication in 1946. Anne Frank kept a diary for two years while in hiding in Holland during WWII. It records the thoughts and expressions of a young girl living under extraordinary conditions, whose life ended tragically at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp at age 15. This classroom book set includes 30 copies of Anne Frank : The Diary of a Young Girl, a teacher's resource binder that includes the Anne Frank in the World teacher's guide, and other supporting educational materials. The Outside the Attic Walls discovery kit ( complements the study of this book.
Physical Description 1 kit (30 books, 1 resource binder + various pieces)
PublisherVancouver : Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre
AudienceGrade 7 and up
Funding NoteThe Anne Frank: the diary of a young girl classroom book set has been generously sponsored in honour of Sonya Oshman z"l, Holocaust survivor and Bielski partisan.
Location in CollectionEducational Materials