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Chaim K. testimony 2013

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDCK1304_02_VD
Date of Recording22 April 2013

InterviewerFreiman, Debby
IntervieweeKornfeld, Chaim
Duration2h 33m 0.0s
Synopsis​Chaim K. was born in ​Sátoraljaújhely, Hungary on December 10, 1926. He was the youngest of eight children and describes his family. He recalls his religious upbringing. He recalls the vibrant Jewish community before the war and his experience attending the Orthodox Jewish school. He describes the German occupation, his parent’s response, and the establishment of the ghetto. Chaim describes hiding his family’s valuables. He describes his experience living in the ghetto and the deportation process. He recalls his arrival in Auschwitz, the selection process, and separation from his parents. Chaim describes the dehumanization process he experienced upon arriving at the camp.  Chaim was transferred to Gusen to build an underground aircraft plant. He recalls receiving assistance from a German officer and trading goods in the camp. He recalls the food and sickness in the camp. Chaim describes the death march from Gusen to Mauthausen and assistance he received from a friend and a German officer. He recalls liberation by United States troops and his recovery in a hospital. He describes travelling to Vienna to try to find his barrack commander. He then took a train to Budapest and received assistance from the American Joint Distribution Committee. He recalls reuniting with his sister and working as a teacher. He describes moving to Israel and then Canada. He discusses his survival, his faith, and his children.
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