• Still image from Estera K. Holocaust testimony, October 17, 1990.
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Estera K. testimony 1990 [video recording]

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDEK9010_01_VA
Date of Recording17 October 1990

InterviewerMartz, Fraidie
IntervieweeKrell, Estera
Duration2h 1m 0.0s
SynopsisEstera K. was born in Lopshka [Łopuszka Mała, Poland] near the big city of Kańczuga. She describes her family and their religious life. She recalls going to a compulsory Catholic school. She describes the Jewish community and incidents of antisemitism. She recalls wishing her family would leave Poland but they were reluctant despite escalating tensions. Estera left with a cousin to go to Holland and describes her experience there, including corresponding with parents in Poland. She recalls being ordered to go to Westerbork work camp but deciding to go into hiding. She describes placing her son with a friend and hiding with her husband with a different family. She discusses the difficulty visiting her son and other non-Jews who assisted them. Estera recalls moving several times and obtaining papers with assistance from the underground. She describes reuniting with her son after the war. She discusses emigrating to Israel, then to Canada. Estera describes sharing her experiences with her children. 
NoteThere are technical issues with portions of this testimony where the tape cuts out.
Other Holding InstitutionsFortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies (repository)
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Time-coded summary

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