Star of David necklace
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Star of David necklace

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Resource TypeObjects
Date of Creationcirca 1945
GenreClothing, Jewellery & Textiles
Object ID1996.043.001
Previous NUmber96.043.001
Place of CreationMauthausen Camp
DescriptionNecklace with a Star of David charm engraved with the number 98039 on a silver chain.
Materials/Techniquesmetal (likely aluminium)
Measurementsoverall length: 30.3 cm ; diameter: 2.3 cm
Method of ConstructionNecklace was made in the machine shop at Mauthausen concentration camp near the time of liberation. It was made for Alexei Mielnicki and engraved with his prisoner number tattooed in Auschwitz.
ProvenanceGifted to the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre by Michel Mielnicki.

The donor was the brother of the original owner, Alexei Mielnicki. 
Legal Statuspermanent collection
Credit LineCourtesy of Michel Mielnicki