• Letter to Otto Reif from Hebert Wertheim’s mother, October 3, 1941

[Letter to Otto Reif from Hebert Wertheim’s mother]

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Title NoteTitle based on the contents of the item.
Date of CreationOctober 3, 1941
GenreCorrespondence & Philatelic Materials
Administrative/Biographical HistoryThe von Baiersdorf, Reif family were a noble family in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, primarily based in Vienna. Members of the family include Adolf von Baiersdorf von Erdos (1822–1890), a wood industrialist; his son Carl Adolf von Baiersdorf von Erdos (1857–1915), a wood industrialist; and his wife Clara (née Redlich) (1868–1927); their daughter Erna von Engel Baiersdorf (1889–1970), a noted anthropologist and sculptor; their daughter Margit Reif (1894–1965) and her husband Otto Reif ([188-?]–1955), as well as Otto Reif’s mother Elise Reif (1845–1926).

Adolf von Baiersdorf von Erdos was born on May 1, 1826, in Nové Mesto nad Váhom in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and died in Vienna on February 24, 1890. He was ennobled by Emperor Franz Joseph in 1885. His wife Helene Baiersdorf von Erdos (née Biach) was born on November 1, 1832 in Pressburg and died June 15, 1892, in Vienna.

Carl Adolf von Baiersdorf von Erdos was born on July 10, 1857, in Pressburg and died September 15, 1938, in Vienna. He was an official in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. His wife Clara von Baiersdorf (née Redlich) was born in Goding on August 15, 1868, and died on February 16, 1927, in Vienna.

Erna Clara von Engel-Baiersdorf (née Baiersdorf von Erdos) was born on September 24, 1889, in Vienna and died July 30, 1970, in Vancouver. She worked as an anthropologist at the National History Museum of Budapest and Vienna and was curator at the National History Museum in Pecs, Hungary. In 1944, she was interned in the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, then later in the Buchenwald concentration camp. After the Second World War, she immigrated to Canada, where she was Director of Anthropology and Palaeontology at the Museum of Vancouver. She was particularly noted for her work reconstructing a Neanderthal skeleton.

Margit Reif (née von Baiersdorf von Erdos) was born on June 3, 1894, in Vienna and died in 1965 in Vancouver.

Otto Reif was born approximately 1894 and died around 1955. Margit and Otto Reif left Austria for England after the Nazi invasion of Austria and immigrated to Canada in 1939.
Extent & Medium1 document
Scope & ContentItem is a letter sent from 10-12 James Street, London in October 1941. The letter thanks Otto for his assistance to Herbert. Discusses the difficulties of correspondence during wartime. Author asks Otto to ask Margit to write and expresses love to addressee’s family. The year of the correspondence is written on the front of an envelope in which the letter was subsequently stored.
Archival HistoryAccession 2014.010