Alfred Bader oral history 2010
Still image from Alfred B. Holocaust testimony, December 26, 2010
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Alfred Bader oral history 2010

Holocaust Testimony

Object IDAB1012_01_VD
Date of Recording26 December 2010

InterviewerDraper, Paula
IntervieweeBader, Alfred
Duration12m 29.0s

Alfred Bader was born on April 28, 1924 in Vienna, Austria. He describes his family and Jewish background. He came to England on the first Kindertransport from Vienna in December 1938. He recalls his arrival in Canada and internment at Camp I on Ile-aux-Noix, Quebec. He discusses the conditions in the camp and his first purchase of a painting done by a fellow internee. Alfred recalls his release from Camp I and his application to Queens University. 

RightsInterview Release Form | Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre | Project Name: Canada and the Interned Refugees (Paula Draper/Enemy Aliens) on file.
NoteInterview was conducted by the VHEC in support of research and planning for an exhibition entitled "Enemy Aliens": The Internment of Jewish Refugees in Canada, 1940–1943.
Funding NoteCataloguing and digitization of this oral history interview was supported by funding from the Government of Canada.