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Yiṿo bleṭer : ḥoydesh-shrifṭ fun Yidishn ṿisnshafṭlekhn insṭiṭuṭ. Vol. XXXIII

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Call NumberRBSC 839.093 Y51 v. 33
Sub-CollectionRare Books & Special Collections
Dates1949; ©
  • Jewish ideologies fifty years after / Aaron Steinberg
  • Jewish children in post-war Europe / L. Wulman
  • Unknown Jewish community records / S. Asaf
  • Reb Pinkhes Koritser / Abraham J. Heschel
  • Herzl's Judenstaat / N. Z.
  • A Western Jewish community around 1900 / Max Strauss
  • Report on the Historians' Circle of YIVO, November, 1947 to November, 1949 / Mark Wischnitzer
Literature, linguistics, folklore, theatre, art:
  • My teacher Mendele Moykher-Sforim / M. Eisenberg
  • Nathan Ausubel, ed., A treasury of Jewish folklore / Joshua A. Fishman
  • Uriel Weinreich, College Yiddish / Chaim Gininger
  • Peretz's views on Yiddish literature / Zelig Kalmanovitch
  • Three Yiddish folk songs on the Russian pogroms / Beatrice Silverman Weinreich
  • Lionello Venturi, Marc Chagall / Rachel Wischnitzer-Bernstein
  • From the Jewish literary scene in New York at the beginning of the century / Miriam Shomer Zunser
Philosophy, religion:
  • Religious trends in American Jewish life / Abraham G. Duker
  • Reuben Agushevitch, Emune un apikorses / Leibush Lehrer
  • Social and economic factors in early Karaitism / Leon Nemoy
  • The Malbim as a fighter against religious reform / Shlomo Noble
  • Bezalel Ch. Sherman, Yidn un andere etnishe grupes in di fareynikte statn / Rudolf Glanz
  • Lewis E. Atherton, "Itinerant merchandising in the Antebellum South," Bulletin of the Business Historical Society / Rudolf Glanz
  • Audrey M. Shuey, "Personality traits of Jewish and non-Jewish students," Archives of Psychology / Nathan Goldberg
  • Stanley H. Chapman, "The contemporary pastorate," American Sociological Review / Nathan Goldberg
  • Milton L. Barron, People who intermarry / Samuel Koenig
  • The legend of the parasitic middle class / Abba P. Lerner
  • The place of Jews in American economy / Nathan Reich
  • Jewish agriculture in Canada / Louis Rosenberg
Physical Description 5–252 pages ; 25 cm
Carrier Typevolume
RecognitionGifted in 1994 by Boris Shack