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Hasidic tales of the Holocaust

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Hasidic tales of the Holocaust
Call No: 940.5315 E46h

Call Number940.5315 E46h
Dates1988; ©1982
Statement of Responsibility[compiled by] Yaffa Eliach.
Creators & ContributorsEliach, Yaffa (author)
  • One: Ancestors and faith
  • Hovering above the pit
  • The Son of the Shohet of Medzhibozh
  • The kiss
  • The Halatl of Rabbi Baruch of Medzhibozh
  • The first Hanukkah light in Bergen Belsen
  • Seder night in Bergen Belsen: "tonight we have only Matzah"
  • The Berlin-Bucharest express
  • The vision of the red stars
  • Honor thy mother
  • A mother's heart
  • God is everywhere ... but ...
  • The amulet of the Belzer Rabbi
  • Fine generations
  • The little slave girl from the toy factory
  • The Generals
  • A shofar in a coffee cauldron
  • "Avremele, you are going to Siberia!"
  • The Zanzer Kiddush goblet
  • No time for advice
  • "The Messiah is already here!"
  • "Jew, go back to the grave!"
  • "God's messenger, the grandson of the Pnei Yehoshua
  • "If you will grow hair on the palm of your hand"
  • The miracle of a doorless back wall
  • Mothers
  • Number 145053
  • Save this one grandchild
  • A pail of potato peels and two halberstams
  • A brother's Tefillin (I)
  • The rain (II)
  • A Passover melody (III)
  • A natural victory: Churchill and the Rabbi of Gur
  • The Rebbetzin of Gur: two passports
  • The Shofar of the Rabbi of Radorzytz
  • The keepers of the Holy Temple
  • The Kasztner transport and a zionest leader's dream
  • A Holy Book
  • The yellow bird
  • A bowl of soup
  • The "blessing" of the Munkacser Rebbe
  • Who will win this war?
  • Two Friendship
  • Good morning, Herr Müller
  • Two capsules of Cyanide (I)
  • On the waiting bench at the gallows (II)
  • A sip of coffee
  • For the sake of friendship
  • Under the blue skies of Tel Aviv
  • "What I learned at my father's home"
  • "The world needs you"
  • The Yeshiva student
  • Stars. The mosaic artist's apprentice
  • A girl called Estherke
  • In the image of God
  • The merit of a young priest
  • Three. The spirit alone
  • Circumcision
  • Slain with hunger
  • Even the transgressors in Israel
  • The last request
  • The ritual bath
  • Death of a beloved son
  • Satan's altar
  • The grandson of the Arugat Ha-Bosem
  • "He hath delivered me out of all trouble"
  • No longer husband and wife
  • A prayer and a dream
  • The third Sabbath meal at Mauthausen
  • A hill in Bergen Belsen
  • A Father's blessing
  • A sign from Heaven
  • A Bobov melody
  • Rudolf Haas is human!
  • A miracle in a potato field
  • Four: At the gates of freedom
  • The plague of blood
  • "I envy you"
  • "Pray for us!"
  • A Kvitl on the Frankfurter's grave
  • The grip of the Holy letters
  • Puff ...
  • To marry a baker
  • The road to mother
  • "The happiest day of my life"
  • Hans and I at the Rema's grave
  • "God does not live here anymore"
  • Two funerals
  • The telephone operator
  • Tipping the scales of justice
  • Grandfather Avrumche Backenroth's table
  • Rejoining the human race
Physical Description xxxii, 266 pages ; 21 cm
Carrier Typevolume
PublisherNew York : First Vintage Books
Edition1st Vintage Books ed.
  • Reprint. Originally published: New York : Oxford University Press, 1982
  • Includes bibliographical references and indexes